Because of You …

Thousands of lives have been touched, and will continue to be. Below you will find personal testimonies of salvation, letters from inmates and photos as a testament that our collaboration together is furthering the Kingdom of God. On behalf of Christmas Behind Bars, and the inmates touched by this ministry… Thank You!

Shane, Milles Co. Jail—
Dear Friends,
Thank you for everything that you do for us and inmates across the U.S. I know for me it really brightens my day and lets me know that there are people who truly care about people like me. I know it can’t be easy on y’all out in a world in chaos. So thank you very much, God bless and please keep shining bright for people who only see darkness in there future.


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,I’d like to thank you for displaying the love of God to me and all the other prisoners that your ministry reaches. Receiving the “holiday sacks” is probably the high point of the year for most of us. It’s certainly the most talked about event. Being made new by Christ while being incarcerated is an interesting situation to find yourself in. There’s so much unrighteousness, so much ministering needed, but the depravity can definitely torment those trying to work with the Holy Spirit to produce piety. It’s encouraging to come in contact (by way of Christian literature) and experience the selflessness of others. Once again, we thank you all so much!

Beautiful hand-made thinking of you cards! These are such a small but impactful way to reach the hearts of those who feel forgotten. THANK YOU to the supporters that send these in!
John H. in Pendleton Correctional Facility, reading a Bible that was gifted to him from Christmas Behind Bars. A special thanks to those who donate Bibles!